Notes from Leadership Team Meeting on September 3, 2015

  1. Adopt Bylaws

Caeri went over the major points discussed at last meeting. No further changes were made. Kristal Metro will be the Chair and Tatiana Falcon-Rodriguez will be the Vice-Chair. The Bylaws were unanimously adopted by the Board.

  1. Road Safety Audit (RSA)

Kristal provided an excellent presentation about what occurred at the RSA that took place September 1 through the 3 at Central and San Mateo. The PPT is attached / available. There was a discussion about whether there are other intersections in Albuquerque with similar issues. Although there are other intersections with similar problems, Central and San Mateo has been identified as the most dangerous in the State, particularly for pedestrians.  Some of the recommendations from the RSA could be used for other high pedestrian volume intersections up and down Central. Next steps include outreach, getting on the City Council agenda and reaching out to other decision makers, and participating in the ART process.  It was suggested using the smart phone application See Click Fix (City subscribes to this App) to bring awareness to the assessment and ART project, and to continue outreach to other local boards that would be good to present to. This will be discussed further and presentations will be developed.

If you want be further involved in the RSA effort contact Kristal at

  1. Albuquerque Rapid Transit Letter

A draft ART letter was provided and Carrie gave an overview. The issues that people thought should be highlighted included complete streets policy / legislation (City of Albuquerque has adopted a complete streets policy), that design exceeds the minimum standards in areas where there are ART stations and a high volume of pedestrian traffic, that adopted codes be followed such as 10ft sidewalks in activity centers (Central and San Mateo is in an activity center), and that the Central and San Mateo RSA is prioritized. Consensus was that the ART letter would be updated to include major priorities and sent to ABQ Ride prior to the next Complete Streets meeting. The subcommittee will meet one more time and the Board would review and vote via email on the final letter.

If you are interested in being a part of the ART subcommittee please contact Caeri at

  1. Farmington MPO Update

Duane from Farmington MPO provided a presentation using their draft Complete Streets document that covers six values that are important in the development of Complete Streets. 90% of the recommendations were approved by their Complete Streets committee and there is a great section on Economic Development and the impact that increased health care premiums have on areas that are of high safety risk. Duane is looking for comments, particularly any information people have about good before and after studies in NM. His email address is  Visit this website which provides a link to their draft version of the Complete Streets Design Guidelines Duane showed us:

  1. Lead Updates and Roundtable (Misc Items)